Submitted by AITAA on Tue, 11/09/2021 - 04:23
Vietnam Chapter


  • 1st Prize: 3 nights at Tan Truong Son Hotel, Quang Binh Province in Vietnam and 100 USD allowances during time staying in Quang Binh.

  • 2nd Prize: 3 days at TMA Innovation Park in Binh Dinh province. Dr. Nguyen Huu Le, chairman of TMA will help logistics to welcome AIT alumni.

  • 3rd Prize:


Welcome Sponsors to our Prizes, please contact for more information.


Dear AIT alumni,

On behalf of the organizer of the 50th GBM of AITAA and Gala Union, we would like to announce our contest of “Memories of AIT times”.

  •  Review your memories at AIT
  • Share us with your AIT Time by Pictures, Video, poem etc
  • Get votes and vote (like and share)

To join the contest, please follow the guidelines as below

1. Send the product to the email: The title of the email must follow the structure: <Memories of AIT Times>-<Name>-<School>-<year of graduation)

2. Check your email for our reply and confirmation with post link

3. Check your product and its votes (like and share) at/from our only channel at:

4. Share your product on your social channels

5. Deadline for submission is November 20th, 2021 (Vietnam time)

To vote for the products, please follow the guidelines as below

1. Access to the Fanpage:

2. Vote for the products by using the icon of “like” and sharing products. In which,

- One (1) like is counted as 1 score

- One (1) share is counted as 2 scores

Note: just only “like” and “share” from facebook page( are counted

3. Voting duration: from November 5th to November 20th (Vietnam time)

Prizes will be announced on Gala Union session on 21th November.

For any queries, please email to for clarification.

Le Thanh Quyen TC2005

President Viet Nam Chapter