Invitation to join the virtual 50th AITAA Governing Board Meeting and Global Reunion with the 1st Global AITAA Symposium and Exhibition on 20-21 November 2021

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50thThe Asian Institute of Technology Alumni Association (AITAA) is inviting all AIT alumni and friends to join the virtual 50th AITAA Governing Board Meeting and Global Reunion with the 1st Global AITAA Symposium and Exhibition on 20-21 November 2021 to be hosted by AITAA Vietnam Chapter in partnership with AIT Extension. Please click here to register to the Global Reunion with the 1st Global AITAA Symposium and Exhibition:


Governing Board Meeting (GBM)

Participation to GBM is restricted to official delegates from accredited chapters only. General alumni are encouraged to view the proceedings from Facebook live by clicking here.


  1. Chapters must register their official delegates using this delegate template.
  2. Chapters must submit their annual report using this annual report template. A complete annual report is required for accreditation and admission to GBM.
  3. Voluntary registration fee of US $50 per delegate. Please follow this link for voluntary contribution.

Please submit A and B by 31 October 2021, to Win Myint Thein ( and Shavindranath Fernando (

Only registered official delegates from accredited chapters will be allowed to participate in GBM and vote in presidential election.

See the message from Chapter Governance Committee below for details.


Message from Chair Chapter Governance Committee.


Eng. Shavindranath Fernando ET ‘82

Greetings from the AITAA Head Quarters .

The Governing Board

The AIT Alumni association is celebrating the 50th Governing Board Meeting (GBM) to be held on line on 20th and 21st November, 2021. The event is jointly hosted by the AITAA Head Quarters and the AITAA Vietnam Chapter.

On November 08th 2020. AITAA at its 49th GBM ratified the new statutes and adopted Guidelines for Chapter Governance.

According to the Article III of the statutes “The corporate powers and management of AITAA shall be exercised, administered and controlled by the Governing Board (GB) which shall consist of the President, Executive Secretary, Finance Officer, Auditor, Business Officer, Public Relations Officer and representatives of the National/Regional Chapters.”.

According to the Article VII “The Annual Meeting of the GB of the AITAA shall be held in November/December at a place determined by the Executive Committee in consultation with the National Chapters or as decided at such a meeting.”.

50th Governing Board Meeting(GBM).

Accordingly, the 50th Governing Board Meeting is convened and hosted jointly by the AITAA Head Quarters and the AITAA Vietnam Chapter, on line due to the pandemic situation on 20th and 21st November 2021.

The Governing Board Meeting is only opened to the AITAA members as observers via Facebook and other social media of which the link will be published in this website later.

The official delegates of the GBM

The official delegates will be nominated by all active chapters by an official communication to the President AITAA ( copied to the Chair, Chapter Governance, AITAA Head Quarters ( Only those who are nominated by the Presidents of the Accredited National Chapters according to Guideline 20 of the Chapter Governance Guidelines and certified by the Chapter Governance Chair and Authorized by the President AITAA shall have the credentials to attend the GBM and exercise the vote at all the matters during the meeting including the vote for the President of AITAA. For the period 2022/2023.

The number of delegates for each chapter is stipulated in AITAA Statutes Article III Section 2 which is reproduced below:

“Sec. 2 The number of representatives to GB from each National/Regional Chapter shall be based on the chapter’s number of regular members, as follows:

Regular Membership of a Chapter

No. of Representatives on GB





201-or more



The appointments shall exclude those members who are already officials of the GB. “

In counting the number of Members of a Chapter the President of the respective chapter should ensure no member is counted twice for example: If any member has migrated from Country A to Country B, or in temporary residence in Country B, such members should inform the Presidents of both National Chapters in Country A and B their preference to be attached to which National Chapter.

The relevant Guide line 4 in the Chapter Governance Guidelines is reproduced below:

“An alumnus or alumnae can be counted as Regular Member of only one National or Regional Chapter of his/her choice. However, he/she can be a member of a Non-Geographic Section, Sub Chapter and or an associate member to other National Chapters simultaneously as provided for in the statutes (Article VI, Sec 1)”

Accreditation of a National Chapter to attend the GBM

The AITAA National Chapters are required to send all documents for accreditation at their earliest and not later than 31st October, 2021, Bangkok time, to reach the above named. Once all relevant documents are received and checked for compliance, a certificate of accreditation will be issued signed by the Chair, Chapter Governance, AITAA HQ and AITAA President.

However due to the pandemic situation AITAA Executive Committee decided to waive the requirement of the registration fee to attend the GBM for the year 2021. The National Chapters are kindly requested to make a voluntary contribution equivalent to the registration fee to meet the essential administrative expenses of the Association.

The relevant Guideline 16 of the Chapter Governance Guidelines is reproduced below:

“A registration fee is payable by all active Chapters, Subchapter and Sections each year to AITAA HQ prior to each GBM. Annual registration fee of Chapters for 10 to 50 alumni is US$50, for 50-200 alumni is US$100 and 200+ alumni is US$150. Sub chapters and Sections of any size pays a registration fee of US$50.”

Documents to be sent for compliance and attendance at GBM.

The Following Documents should reach the President and Chair Chapter Governance Committee by 31st October 2021 Bangkok time.

following are requested form the National Chapters for compliance.

  1. Nominated members to attend the Governing Board Meeting held on November 20th  and 21st hosted by AITAA VN Chapter with AITAA Head Quarters. As per the template attached.
  2. To submit the Annual Report by October 31st 2021, as per the annexed template.
  3. To request a voluntary contribution from each of the attending chapters in accordance with section 16 of the Chapter Governance Guide lines.

For any queries:

Regarding GBM: Maria Fe Ferriols, AITAA President (

Regarding Chapter Governance : Eng. Shavindranath Fernando (

Regarding AITAA President Elections: Dr. Shadath Chowdry (

Regarding all queries: Win Myint Thein, AITAA Program Officer (


Thanking You,


Eng. Shavindranath Fernando

Chair Chapter Governance