Presidential Candidates

Manifesto of Mr. Taweechai Termkunanon



Personal Info:  Enrolled in Division of Human Settlements & Development in 1977.  During studies at AIT, I was a Thai student at the General Assembly Member of the Student Union for 2 semesters.  Consequently, I was elected President of the SU from Jan-Aug 1979. At the 20th AIT’s Anniversary, I represented student bodies in the symposium “AIT and Asia: The Next Two Decade”. After graduation, I worked with UNHCR for 27 years, assignments in 11 countries for functions i.e. Associate Field Officer, Field Officer, Repatriation Officer and rose to Head of Field Office, for which I held the position until retired in 2009. My performance was immensely beneficial to refugees resolving their current problems and seeking sustainable solutions for them to resuming citizenship of their original countries. After retirement, I involved myself in various Social Service entities as General Secretary of Bangkok YMCA, Advisor to National Human Rights Commissioner of Thailand. Counselor to Association of Ship for Southeast Asian Youth and member of Bangkok Rotary Club.


AITAA-Thailand: 2011-2013, (Central Committee), besides attending most of the association’s meetings, I did not fail but consecutively participate in every Annual General Meetings since 2010. During my term of the committee, I coordinated Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, Secretary-General of ASEAN for a meeting with the AITAA committee and senior alumni invitees at the crucial time that AIT will abolish the Board of Trustees replacing with Inter-Governmental Organization as ownership of AIT and introduction of Public-Private Partnership scheme to secure AIT’s financial crisis. After a broad and lengthy discussion, the majority of the meeting was not in favor of changing despite the desire of the AIT management. It was concluded to continue with the existing system.


AITAA-HQ. : 2014-2015 (Auditor), he was invited twice by the SU to speak in the Graduation Night and participated in the Induction/Candle lights Ceremony for new graduates. I served as Chairman of the 2015 DAA/HMA selection sub-committee. Furthermore, I succeeded in advising my friend, A Senior Program Officer at the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok for channeling NOK450,000 of the unspent budget from other sectors adding to the Norwegian funding for Myanmar students to study at AIT, increasing one more scholarship that year.   2018- to date (Business Officer), I assisted in planning for 60th AIT and 50th AITAA Anniversary Celebrations in 2019 of these co-incidents for wider participation of alumni.


Attended in 9 consecutive GBMs:

2012 Nov. 09-11, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.           

2013 Nov.14-17, Yangon, Myanmar.

2014 Nov.21-23, Manila, Philippines.                            

2015 Oct.30-Nov.02, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

2016 Nov.04-07, Siam Reap, Cambodia.                      

2017 Nov.03-05, Taipei, Taiwan.

2018 Nov.02-04, Jakarta, Indonesia.                             

2019 Oct.22-25, Bangkok, Thailand.

2020 Nov. 08, virtual online GBM.



2014 “Successful Career Achievement Alumni” AIT’s Advancement/Alumni Affairs Office.

2015 “Honorable Alumni Plaque (Social Services)” AITAA-Thailand.

2017 “Distinguished Alumni Award (International Affairs)” AITAA-HQ.

2018 “Prominent Alumni” AIT’s School of Environment, Resources and Development.


My profound passion and determination during tenured AITAA President are: 1st To safeguard and support the AIT management for the advancement of our alma mater. 2nd To advocate alumni Chapters for taking active role as stakeholders of AIT/AITAA and 3rd Raising awareness of current students for their participating in their respective alumni Chapters after graduation.

With my sincere gratitude and respect, I believe the position of AITAA President would render my opportunities for giving back in return to AIT; where I had gained both excellent education and a unique international companionship of school mates and faculty members bestowed the prestigious recognitions that AIT has granted and empowered my lifelong successful career engagements. 

Once an AIT Student…..Forever AITian Alumni




Manifesto of Mr. Kiwi Aliwarga



An Attempt to revolutionize AIT sustainably in the future, by capitalizing its alumni’s competence, networks, capital, and offer it as values creation

Tag line: Shared Prosperity

Vision    : Put Shared prosperity into Works


Mission :

  • Capitalizing AIT Alumni networks, resource and competence to further finance and sustain AIT growth
  • Empower all alumni to create and share prosperity
  • Enhance AITAA as a networking platform to all alumni



  1. To create a commercial hub that leverage AIT Alumni human resource capital. And through that pool, an income generating stream can be secured
  2. To build an AITAA enterprise
  3. To provide funding for newly startup (business
  4. To provide a platform for investing
  5. To connect all alumni



  1. To create values by aggregating alumni resource, network, competence, know how, that can seize current market opportunity. AIT Alumni is in Business.
  2. Appointed each chapter president as AITAA corporation representative in respective country.
  3. Issuing shares.
  4. Selling stocks.



Essentially, the program is based on the concept: To commercialize the competence and resource that reside each and every Alumni

We will introduce a change. Fundamental changes in two aspects: embracing all alumni in all countries and seeking new sources of organizational funding.  A pro market and pro-business manifestation.  Only with this paradigm AIT can embrace the future.

AITAA organization is not just a platform to reminisce but a place for all alumni to build business networks, exchange information in support of their duties both in government and in private companies, to start business together, so that AIT alumni are recognized for their roles and contributions in their respective countries and internationally in bringing prosperity to mankind.

My program is to build an AITAA enterprise with president as the CEO. AS CEO, the president should generate income for AIT and AITAA, and the consequence that follow, the president as CEO and all his/her staffs will accept monthly salary based on profit generated.


Our Conviction

The pilot scale of the above projects has proven to be satisfactory.   The AIT AA chairman –candidate has put the concept into Implementation.   As his testimony described below:

I firmly believe the achievement of this program as proven by my business activities. I started the UMG Myanmar in 1998 started by trading generators and spare parts of heavy equipment locally in Myanmar and then further expanded into nine business sector and more than 40 subsidiaries.  Currently, I started UMG Idea lab that based in Myanmar and Indonesia. In Myanmar, I built an incubator that helps startup begin their business. In Indonesia I built a corporate venture capital and venture building that helps initiated startups with seed funding investment. The firm is also investing in technology-based startups in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. The same idea and spirit will bring to AITAA by relying on three essential pillars: people, leadership, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.