Appointment of the election officers for AITAA 52nd GBM

Submitted by AITAA on Fri, 10/27/2023 - 06:40

Dear Alumni,

I am pleased that two distinguished alumni accepted to be the election officer. They are Susanto Halim from Singapore and Mei-Yen, Chung (Joanne) from Taiwan.

Susanto Halim (SE 1973), a senior alumnus, was an election officer in 2019 GBM. He was the president of Singapore Chapter (2019-2021) and was Six Sigma champion for Dupont. Joanne (SOM 1997), an active alumnus and was the vice president of ROC Chapter (2011-2023). She worked at Landbank of Taiwan for 31 years. Together they will bring diversity, wisdom and integrity to this very important task.

The election officers met on Wednesday 25/10. We declared our independence to conduct the election as per Election By-Laws. The endorsement of the election committee will be an early agenda item of GBM as per Election By-Law 9. Please visit our website for Election By-Laws.

We will meet you in person at AIT, the evening prior to GBM.



Shahadat Chowdhury (WRE 1989)

Chief Election Officer 

past Chief Election Officer in Taiwan (2017), Bangkok (2019), Hanoi (2021)