Country / Region Position Name

1. Australia
January 2022-December 2023
Communications Channels
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Note: State and territory Vice Presidents are members of executive committee of the National chapter.

Accreditation Certificate

52nd GBM Delegates Admission

President Dr Kamal Uddin (HSD 1996)
  Vice President Mrs Shibani Mishra (RPM 2003)
  General Secretary Dr Aftab Ahmad (WRE 2002)
  Joint Secretary Mr Sarwoar Jahan (MOT 2002)
  Treasurer Mrs Anjuma Khan (IWRM 2002)
  Vice President – Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Dr Shahriar Wahid (IWRM 2003,2008)
  Vice President – New South Wales (NSW) Dr Shahadat Chowdhury (WRE 1989)
  Vice President – Queensland and Northern Territory Mr Rajan Koirala (GTE 1990)
  Vice President – Victoria and Tasmania Dr Ram Ramanan
  Vice President – South Australia TBC
  Vice President – Western Australia Dr Harunur Rashid Meer (SE 2002)
  Advisors and Chief Patrons Prof Ashim Das Gupta (WRE 1973, 1976)
  Advisors and Chief Patrons Prof Bala Balasubramaniam
  Advisors and Chief Patrons Mr Kuga Kugathas
  Advisors and Chief Patrons Prof Sams Rahman